sexta-feira, 29 de maio de 2009

Eu escrevi na aula de inglês, então pra não ficar com sentimento de culpa, eu escrevi em inglês

She was changing.
She was changing to New York City.
That should be cool, shouldnt it?
Change is good. New house, new friends, new country...
The problem is: She didn't want to change!
She loved Rio de Janeiro, loved her friends, the beaches, the school, the house, she loved her life! And her life was in Brazil!
She didn't care if she was going to life in New York, she loved Rio and although her english was perfect, she liked to speak portguese!
And now she'd have to speak english all the time.
She wanted to cry and she remembered the face of her best friend when she told she was changing usa, she wanted to cry harder.
Why her father had to be promoted? By the way, why did he accept it?
She didn't care to have less money, she just wanted to continue living in Rio de Janeiro. And Rio de Janeiro was in BRAZIL.
"The life is sad sometimes." She thought while was looking at the window. Her parents were talking about the new apartment at the front seat and her brother played video game by her side. He was very hard to understand, she didn't and she didn't know if he was sad or not. He also didn't seems to realize that this may be the last time he'd see their beloved city.

Espero que tenha ficado bom, eu nunca escrevi em inglês antes. Desculpe por qualquer erro e fiquem à vontade pra me mandar um comentário corrigindo.

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